United Center – Chicago Blackhawks Stadium

Located in Chicago, Illinois, the United Center is the home arena of the National Hockey League’s (NHL) Chicago Blackhawks and the National Basketball Association’s (NBA) Chicago Bulls. With a capacity of 20,917 for hockey games and 23,500 for basketball games, it is one of the largest arenas in North America.

The stadium opened its doors to sports fans in August 1994 and has since hosted numerous major sporting events including Olympic gymnastics competitions and NBA Finals.

This article will provide an overview of the United Center including key facts about its location, how to get there, where to park nearby, as well as its history.

United Center – Key Facts

The United Center is a 136 feet tall stadium that was constructed using 3,500 tons of steel, 645,000 sq. ft. of drywall, and 41,000 cubic yards of concrete. The building boasts 1,850 doors and 6,500 parking spaces. To accommodate guests efficiently the venue has 8 escalators and 9 elevators with 50 bathrooms distributed evenly between men and women.

The inauguration hockey game occurred on January 25th 1995 when the Blackhawks defeated the Edmonton Oilers 5-1; Joe Murphy scoring the first goal in the United Center’s history. These feats of engineering blended together to create an iconic sporting destination for people from around the world to enjoy.

Where Is United Center Located?

Situated in the New West Side of Chicago, 1901 West Madison Street is the home of a large arena. The United Center has been located west of the Loop since its inception in 1994. Standing as one of the largest arenas in the country, it serves as a multi-purpose venue for sporting events, concerts and conventions.

As home to both the Chicago Bulls and Blackhawks professional sports teams, it provides over 20,000 seats for fans to enjoy the games. Additionally, with state-of-the-art sound systems and other amenities such as restaurants and clubs inside the arena for visitors to enjoy before or after events, the United Center is always an exciting destination.

Furthermore, since its opening in 1994 several modernizations have been made including improved seating capacity and updated facilities designed to enhance patron comfort. Consequently, these improvements make this arena a premier entertainment facility that hosts some of world’s most popular performers and athletes throughout each year.

How to get to United Center?

Where to Park Near the United Center?

Located in the New West Side of the city are three parking places close to the multi-purpose venue, United Center. These parking areas include:

  • United Center Parking Lot H
  • Teamster’s Garage – Lot #87
  • West Washington Boulevard Parking

The United Center is a popular destination for basketball and hockey games and other entertainment events. It can be difficult to find suitable parking near the stadium due to its high demand.

The three aforementioned parking places can provide an easy and convenient solution for visitors needing a place to park their car during game days or events. All three are within walking distance of the arena, allowing guests to avoid traffic congestion while still being able to access all amenities available inside the venue.

Each location offers affordable rates with additional discounts or promotions depending on time of day and special occasions.

History of Rogers Arena

Rogers Arena, formerly known as General Motors Place, is a multi-purpose arena located in Vancouver, British Columbia. It was opened on September 21st 1995 and was originally owned by Orca Bay Sports and Entertainment before being acquired by Rogers Communications in 2004.

The arena has a seating capacity of 18,910 for hockey games and up to 19,700 for concerts or other sporting events. It is home to the NHL’s Vancouver Canucks team and also hosts other events such as concerts, conventions and trade shows.

The arena has undergone several renovations since it opened; most notably an update in 2009 which included new LED ice screens above the rink boards for enhanced video replay capabilities. Additionally, the venue offers improved guest amenities such as 25 concession stands and an impressive sound system with over 400 speakers that can reach up to 117 decibels.

In addition to hosting world-class entertainment events, Rogers Arena provides state-of-the-art office space for tenants including Canucks Sports & Entertainment offices along with various media outlets. With its modern design elements and comprehensive facilities it is no wonder why Rogers Arena continues to be one of Vancouver’s premier event venues.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the seating capacity and general layout of United Center?

The United Center has a seating capacity of 20,917 for hockey games and 23,500 for basketball matches. Its general layout consists of two levels, with the upper level being further divided into two tiers. The lower level runs from one end of the stadium to the other uninterrupted.

What is the cost of tickets to United Center events?

The cost of tickets to events at United Center vary depending on the event, ticket availability, and seating location. Generally, ticket prices range from $20 to over $200 for premium seating.

What are the options for food and drinks inside United Center?

Inside United Center, visitors have access to a large variety of food and drink selections. Options range from traditional arena fare such as hot dogs and popcorn to more substantial options like wraps, burritos, and salads. Beverage choices include beer, soda, and specialty cocktails.

What is the policy for bringing bags into United Center?

United Center has a clear bag policy that limits the size and type of bags that can be brought in. All bags must be small, no larger than 14″x14″x6″, and made from clear plastic, vinyl or PVC material.

What are the policies and procedures for re-selling tickets to United Center events?

Tickets for United Center events may be resold, but must follow certain procedures and policies set forth by the venue. These include being done through approved resale outlets only and following specific guidelines regarding price and availability.

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